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Simulation Time Functions

Formal Definition

The simulation time function provides an access to current simulation time.

Simplified Syntax

$time ;

$stime ;

$realtime ;


When the $time system function is called, it returns the current time as a 64-bit integer value. However, this value is scaled to the `timescale unit. (See Timescale chapter)

The $stime system function returns current time as a 32-bit unsigned integer value. If the current simulation time is too large and the value does not fit in 32 bits, the function only returns the 32 low order bits of the value. The returned value is also scaled to the `timescale.

The $realtime system function returns a value as a real number. As with the other time tasks, the returned value is scaled to the `timescale.


Example 1

integer cur_time ;
cur_time = $time ;

Example 2

integer cur_time ;
cur_time = $stime ;

Example 3

real cur_time ;
cur_time = $realtime ;

Example 4

$display($time, "is current time.");

Important Notes

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