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Module Declaration

Formal Definition

A module is comprised of the interface and the design behavior.

Simplified Syntax

module | macromodule identifier (port_list) ;

  ports_declaration ;

  module_body ;



All module declarations must begin with the module (or macromodule) keyword and end with the endmodule keyword. After the module declaration, an identifier is required. A ports list is an option. After that, ports declaration is given with declarations of the direction of ports and the optionally type. The body of module can be any of the following:

If there is no instantiation inside the module, it will be treated as a top-level module


Example 1

module module_1(a, b, c) ;
parameter size = 3 ;
input [size : 0] a, b ;
output [size : 0] c;
assign c = a & b;

Module declaration with a parameter declaration.

Important Notes

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