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min:typ:max Delays

Formal Definition

Delays can be specified for minimum, typical, and maximum propagation times.

Simplified Syntax


#(min:typ:max, min:typ:max)

#(min:typ:max, min:typ:max, min:typ:max)


Delays can be specified with three values for each delay. These values describe minimum, typical and maximum propagation times (Example 1).

The min:typ:max values can be any constant value.

The min:typ:max values can be specified for delay control in procedural statements (Example 2).


Example 1

assign #(1:2:3) out = in1 & in2;
assign #(1:2:3,2:3:4) b = ~a;
assign #(1:5:7,2:3:4,3:5:7) w_or = |bus;

The min:typ:max values specified for one, two and three delay values.

Example 2

initial #(1:2:3) a = 5;

Important Notes

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